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Who Are We?

Personalized Web Hosting

Web Planet Hosting was formed by people who have grown tired of getting lost in the tangled web of hundreds and hundreds of users stuffed into one shared server. In fact up to 1000 individual users can be on your same hosting server.

We will not have more then 25 – 100 accounts (depending on the size of the account) per Shared Hosting Plan. If you looked at the search above you will see the "well known" hosting companies you will see why our load time speeds are faster!

Want More Reasons?
How about one of the best reasons of all? PERSONAL SUPPORT!

Call, Text or Email and you will get help instantly. We know what we are doing and you won't be read to off a pre-printed page as most other tech support teams do, reading to you the very same information you already read about and tried. We know about websites, WordPress, Joomla, Apps, PayPal, Intuit and a host of more. Knowledgeable and Personal Support Our skilled technicians and support staff will manage your business hosting needs. We provide personal support 24/7 to our clients. Contact us today and speak with us.

55 Leonardville Road, Belford, New Jersey, 07718, United States
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